Sumi brushes, a type of Japanese brush, are designed for the sumi-e (or “black ink” in Japanese) style of painting and may contain a mix of both stiff and soft natural bristles.  In creating a picture the artist must grasp the spirit of the subject. Sumi-e attempts to capture the Chi or “life spirit” of the subject, painting in the language of the spirit. Patience is essential in brush painting.

Chinese Calligraphy brush is the traditional writing instrument for Chinese calligraphy. The body of the brush is commonly made from bamboo or other materials such as wood, porcelain, or horn. The head of the brush is typically made from animal hair.

This set of original brushes contains 18 sets of Chinese calligraphy brushes of different sizes wrapped in an authentic roll-up screen. Made from high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, these are great professional brushes with a straight, solid wooden shaft decorated with a hang rope.  Apart for use on Chinese calligraphy, Kanji Japanese Sumi, writing, they are also good for landscape painting, water-color, flower, bird, ink wash painting script writing, etc.

They are easy to clean by running them under warm water and use your fingers to gently reshape the brush hairs. It stays back in perfect shape and made to last.


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