7/11 pcs Chinese Calligraphy & Kanji Japanese Sumi Painting Brushes Set

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Sumi brushes, a type of Japanese brush, are designed for the sumi-e (or “black ink” in Japanese) style of painting and may contain a mix of both stiff and soft natural bristles. And..

Ink brushes (traditional Chinese: 毛筆; simplified Chinese: 毛笔; pinyin: máo bǐ) are paintbrushes used in Chinese calligraphy as well as in Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese which both have roots in Chinese calligraphy. They are also used in Chinese painting and other brush painting styles.

Our set of brushes is a mix of Chinese Calligraphy Brush and Kanji Japanese ones both designed for Sumi Painting, Drawing, Artist Writing, etc. Chinese brush painting (CBP) involves shades of ink and use of line, whereas sumi-e (the Japanese form) is concerned more with the simplicity of line. Made from high quality materials, they will last a long time if handle with care.

These brushes comes with a nice bamboo roll brushes holder.



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