ARTISANAL Bamboo Wool-Hair Brushes on Watercolor painting

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China is home to high-quality artisanal calligraphy brushes traditionally used for Chinese-ink painting.

The level of craftsmanship of manufacturers is extremely high. Through the years, these artisans acquire the knowledge to judge quality as well as proficiency in handling animal hairs to make the brushes.  The creation of  brushes requires many processes, most of which are done by hand. Great attention is paid especially to the most essential part of the brush – the tip – which is always made by hand. Given the great care and precision in their production, these brushes are known for its superior quality and durability.

Made from high-quality goat hair, hand bound on each single bamboo rod - they are joined together in rows of 3s or more. Our multirow brushes are used for brushing background or big spaces on your board. Their short handles made it easy to hold.    The brushes has good water absorption allowing the artists to have more water control of the color mixture and strokes as he work on the painting.  

Our brushes measures from 13.5 - 23.5cm and available in rows of 3-11.



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