Watercolor Bamboo Row Brush Set

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Bamboo Brushes are resilient and durable, perfect for painting with acrylics or watercolor.

Made from strong durable bamboos, they are joined together in various styles making them flat and broad which are ideal for landscaping and background brushing.  The bristles are of high-quality soft wool from animal hair have the ability to hold the water.  Again, these brushes are perfect for background brushing.  

1 Style: 3-tube flat-head wool row brush 2690FB
2 Style: 5 tube flat head wool row brush 2690FB
3 style: 7-tube flat-head wool row brush 2690FB
4 style: 3 tube 7 tube flat head brush 2 sets 2690F
5 style: set of 3 flat brushes 2690FB
6 style: set of 3 round head brushes, Xiu Ming brush 2690F
7 style: 3-tube round head wool row brush, Xiu Ming brush 2690F
8 style: 5-tube round head wool row brush Xiu Ming brush 2690F
9 style: 7-tube round head wool row brush Xiu Ming brush 2690F

Size Information:
3 inches 5 inches 7 inches

Packing list:
Watercolor pen set x1


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