Pearlescent/Gem/Starry Solid 6/12 Watercolor Paints

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Quality Pearlescent Pigment paints use natural minerals as raw materials. The pigments are high-purity and finely ground, using natural gum Arabic as the binder. With perfect colorfulness, good lightfastness, strong coverage, it is very suitable for artists of all levels.

This watercolor paint set selects 6/12 kinds of traditional classic colors, and each color has a unique shimmering effect. With its dazzling pearlescent effects and finishing touches, your painting is unique.  Beautifully embossed large blocks allows you to dip easily whether with a small brush or even with a big brush

The pigments are highly concentrated so you only need to apply a small amount of water to moisten them before use. Excellent paint coverage and exquisite colors brings a high degree of art variability.

The outer box is printed with a traditional portrait in the "Tang Dynasty" elegantly colored inheriting the oriental aesthetics. And the box is flat, slim, portable and can easily be stored.


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