Superior Portable Solid Watercolor Paint Set in Pan-Tray

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Art is therapeutic and peaceful.

Whether as a means of personal expression, self-care during a stressful period, or simply a way to pass the time, finding a hobby that truly resonates with you is very important. Take for example "Painting  or Art" is one excellent option which requires minimal upfront investment, is a great way to develop your pastime without depleting your wallet. You can do this affordable, low-maintenance hobby anywhere, even outside in nature, and you can start at any age and any skill level. 

Now with watercolor paint in pan trays make it even more convenient instead of the traditional tubes or bottles. The pigment water colors are compressed into cakes in rectangular size and are fitted into individual pans. They are dry to touch. Just dab a wet brush in the color and you can start painting. The colors are just as vibrant and solid and bright. And when the pans are empty, you can refill recycle them with your own tube colors.

Also, this pan tray is light and can easily be carried around with no messy. This set comes with a brush which you can fill with water for your painting. It is that easy and simple.


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